When trying to sell your home, there is a long list of things you should do before you put your home on the market and while it is for sale to make sure things run smoothly. Did you realize there are things you shouldn’t do as well? This is just as important!

Don’t over decorate your home. You may like some of your quirky design choices, but the average person probably does not. Keep in mind you are trying to show someone else that they could see themselves living in the house. Keep your decor neutral, and try to add to your home’s attractiveness, not take away from it. Staging your home is great, but don’t get too carried away. 

Don’t stay for showings. If a potential buyer wants to come by and see your house, you should leave! You may feel the need to stay and watch over your belongings or talk to them about how great your house is, but staying would just make them feel uncomfortable. Seeing you in the house will make it difficult for them to picture themselves living there. You want the potential buyers to feel like they are free to look around and talk about what they think of the house.

Don’t let feedback bother you. Hearing negative things from people who viewed your home can be very upsetting. Try to take it as constructive criticism. If your realtor has some suggestions for things you should change in your house before you put it on the market, listen to them. They are experts and know what the average buyer likes to see. You should also pay attention to the feedback you get from potential buyers who have toured your home. If people keep saying they think the upstairs carpet looks dirty, that’s a sign you should change it or at least have it cleaned! The layout of your home and where it is located are things you can’t change, but some of what you hear from the feedback could help you sell your house quicker… and for more money.

Don’t try to sell by yourself. A Real Estate agent can drastically improve the experience you have selling your home. The hassle of trying to sell your home without an agent is more difficult than people imagine. If you have questions about selling, call us!