Moving means you get to turn over a new leaf: new rooms, new yard, new paint colors. Make your new home feel even more new by getting rid of the things you no longer need. Instead of just throwing away a few things here and there, find bulky items you can toss out, give away, or donate.

Christina Giaquinto, a professional organizer in Franklin Lakes, NJ, says, "Your possessions should have three purposes: function, aesthetic purpose, or sentimental value.

There are endless items you can choose to ditch, but has come up with 9 of the most common.

Old towels and linens

Think about the last time you bought new towels. Was it the last time you moved? If yes, it’s time to buy new ones. You may not realize it, but they are probably worn and used up. Your bed sheets probably need replacing as well. Years of sweat and oil can cause unsightly stains (yuck!) and fitted sheets can lose their elasticity.

Your juicer

Do you use your juicer everyday? What about even once a week? Don’t feel bad if you don’t. If you bought a juicer thinking you could change your morning routine and haven’t, it’s a good idea for you to part ways. Not only does it take up cabinet space, it also reminds you of the goals you didn’t achieve. Don't give up on your dreams - just be realistic about them.

Unworn clothes

Organizing your closet may sound like one of the easiest things you can do before a move, but it will probably be the hardest. Most of us hold on to clothes we haven’t worn in years (or have never worn) because we think we might wear them someday. That dress that was cool ten years ago that you’re hoping will come back in style probably isn’t worth the space it’s taking up in your closet. Get rid of things like this and buy something like it if you have a need for it in the future.

Duplicates and souvenirs

Clutter can accumulate all throughout your house. Think about the magnets you’ve been collecting from almost every place you’ve ever visited. They’re shoved in a random drawer and you’ll probably never feel the urge to look at them or display them.

“Try to keep only one from your favorite vacation,” Giaquinto says.

Look for multiples of items throughout your kitchen. How many mixing bowls could you possibly need?

“You should only hold on to what can fit neatly in your space,” Giaquinto says.

Collections you’ve outgrown

Everyone has made the mistake of saying they like something, and then for years family members and friends buy you whatever you said you liked and you don’t have the heart to tell them you’ve had enough.

For example, maybe you said you loved dogs when you were in high school and people still buy you presents pertaining to dogs. A small dog sculpture for your shelves, a dog shaped plate, a sweater with a dog knit on it.

Well, now is your chance to lose the collection. Tell family members you loved the items, but it was just too much to take with you to the new house.

Cosmetics and toiletries

Whether you want to admit it or not, skin and makeup products have an expiration date. Before you begin packing your bathroom items to move, discard of the items you shouldn’t use again. Truthfully, you probably don’t use half of what’s under your sink.

Nail polish has a shelf life of only two years. It may be hard to hear, but it’s the sad truth. Cosmetics should also be tossed by a certain date. You should be getting a new mascara every three months.

Be realistic and toss these items before you move so your new bathroom cabinets will be uncluttered (and so you make room for the items you will undoubtedly begin stockpiling again in a few months).

Things taking up space

We accumulate things over the years when we have an empty space we want to fill. An ugly lamp or an entryway table that has been outdated for years.

You don’t need to throw out everything, but get rid of things you aren’t crazy about. When you move into your new home, choose pieces you really love and spend time thinking about it before making a rushed decision.

Cords and Cables

Everyone has a drawer full of cords that no longer have a use. Maybe some that belong to cell phones you owned 10 years ago. Don’t keep them forever when you’ll never use them again. Also toss out cables that you have multiples of. You don’t need all of them and they’re just taking up space. Throw out what you don’t use and organize the remaining cords so they don’t become even more tangled.


Sort through old paperwork, making sure you keep documents you’ll need (tax records, closing documents, recent bank statements, etc.) and tossing what’s no longer needed, such as old insurance policies. File the documents you’re keeping and go through it once a year in order to keep it organized.