Moving is exciting but it can also be hard to adjust to the change of being in a new home. Emily Ley, an organization expert, outlined some tips on to make your move a bit easier.

Start preparing early

Make notes while you’re still in your old home about the things you need to function daily. Here are some examples:

  • Schedule disconnect and reconnect dates for your utilities (electricity, water, internet/cable)
  • Look up your new trash/recycling pickup dates
  • Make copies of your new house keys
  • Have your mail forwarded through the post office
  • Make a comprehensive list of where you need to change your address (credit cards, etc.)

Come up with a moving day plan

This is the most stressful part. There will be so much going on during the actual move but having a plan will help tremendously. Make an hour-by-hour chart about what will be going on. Not everything will go according to plan but thinking about it ahead of time will help keep you on target.

Label your moving boxes

Make sure you clearly write what room the box belongs in on each box. Also include what is in the box so you aren’t having to go through every box in the kitchen just to find dishes. This will also help the movers know where to put the boxes in your new home.

Pack a bag of essentials for each person in your family

Be sure each family member has a bag of what they will need for the first few days of being in the new home. Realistically, you won’t be able to unpack everything right away. Keeping things you’ll need to use (clothes, medications, toiletries, etc.) separate from the rest of the boxes will alleviate a lot of stress.

Have priorities. 

You won't be able to do everything at once so have an order of priorities:

  • Worry about furniture first. Do this before unpacking any boxes! Once your furniture is where it needs to be, start unpacking the boxes you have filled with items you use more often.
  • Set up your kitchen. This is the most used part of your house and the most difficult to unpack. Once you get it set up you'll feel a lot better.
  • Unpack the kids' rooms. Moving is also stressful for the kids. They are used to their routines and the sooner you set up their space, the sooner they'll adapt.
  • Do all the rest. Go through each room one at a time. It will take a while, but with a bit of patience you will have it done sooner than you think.

Moving is stressful and you will have challenges but when you do, try to think of it as an adventure and not a problem. If your furniture doesn't arrive right away, have a picnic on the floor in the living room.  If you plan everything out ahead of time and have a good attitude, you'll be settled into your new home before you know it.